is a marketing website of The Columbia Law List, who publishes a Directory of Collection Attorneys recommended to represent Legal Forwarding Departments of Collection Agencies and Law Firms worldwide.

About Columbia: Our basic goal is to facilitate the placement of Commercial, Retail and Bankruptcy claims to our members. In many ways we are the "eyes and ears" of the industry and serve as a clearinghouse for information.

Our aim is to make your forwarding of matters out-of-town as trouble free as possible.  Never hesitate to let us know how we might be of help or how our service might be improved.

Our Service Department is in touch with members on a regular basis, while other members of our staff travel throughout the world visiting with members. We provide cumulative quarterly supplements which are vital to the forwarding process. Sometimes there is a claim which requires special attention or expertise; we can help the forwarder find an attorney who can meet these requirements. We pride ourselves in providing good service to our members.

Following are some of the benefits you receive when you become a member of the Columbia Law List:

We have an online network of highly visible websites to promote our collection attorneys exposure.

Our 2,000+ member collection attorneys have immediate access to each other and can place claims instantly via email.

Placements - We facilitate the placement of Commercial, Retail and Bankruptcy claims to our listed Law Firms. We are a clearinghouse for information that networks its' members to legal forwarding departments worldwide.

Distribution - There are currently THOUSANDS of directories with Commercial Law Offices, Collection Agencies and Insurance Credit Companies. For nearly 100 years our directory has been distributed to qualified legal forwarding departments who use us as their preferred forwarding directory.

Bonding - Collection Attorneys listed in our network are covered under a $1,000,000 Surety Bond which protects against defalcation. Law Firms use this Bond as a marketing tool when negotiating new business.

Service - We act as an intermediary when difficulties arise between members and forwarders. This service can be accessed by our "800" number. Our Service Department can help you with a specific case or a basic question on laws in a particular state.

At our office, we have a thoroughly organized service department for the purpose of retaining harmonious relations between the forwarders and receivers.  Our aim is to maintain the highest standard of service.  Every matter submitted to us is given immediate attention and is pursued with the utmost energy until a final disposition is had.

We welcome all information from our forwarders involving inadequate services or change in the status of our members because of retirement, illness, death or removal.

It is important that each and every time the attorney is forwarded a claim, they be notified that their name was selected from our network as well as notifying our office of the claim being sent within (30) days.  This may be done by means of coupons, a copy of your forwarding letter or form, computer printouts or by Internet notification.  Be sure to notify us when your supply of forwarding coupons runs low.  Additional forwarding coupons will be supplied without charge.

We have endeavored to substantiate the accuracy of the listings and the information contained in our Global Network Database and print directory.  However, we make no representation or warranty as to the competence, diligence or legal ability of attorneys listed.  We expressly deny liability for the consequences of any legal action initiated or advice given by any listed attorney.  Many of our members maintain policies to cover errors and omissions.  We will attempt to confirm this for a user of our service on any given attorney upon request.

The utilization of our network constitutes the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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